Events Overview

ABECL organizes over 70 top-notch exhibitions and 10 international conferences across multiple fast-growing industry sectors in over 19 cities Pan India. India has become a huge market place for all kinds of businesses in the world and has become the networking hub for global business giants. ABECL has met this pulsating demand by organizing cutting- edge world class Exhibitions and content-driven conferences backed by effective marketing strategies.

We believe in bringing in innovative solutions to the Indian Exhibition and Conference Scenario to provide global business standards for best buyer-seller experiences and knowledge transactions through our vast Portfolio of Exhibitions and in-depth Conference Seminars.


We bring you most effective and innovative B2B networking opportunities to showcase your products and brands on a 360 degree platform- that comprises of workshops, training opportunities, product showcases, business presentations, online match making formats and gala networking events, hosted buyer programs and much more, that bestows our leadership to provide the best practices to our business clientele. Our meticulously planned and flawlessly executed events deliver high quality as per our client’s business requirements.


We provide innovative conference seminars to bring together a wide spectrum of Industry sectors to bring in thought provoking discussion forums and Industry insights on current trends, innovations and the way ahead that are brought forward by Senior Industry leaders, Top Bureaucrats and Policy makers, who present their diligent views at these discussion panels.

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