Real Estate

ABEC's real estate exhibitions are niche platforms that support and help marketing premium properties in the Real Estate market. These proven platforms have always served as a great provider of opportunities to Real Estate Developers to showcase their prime spaces. At the same time the shows also offer investors and buyers umpteen real estate options that may suit their requirements. Knowledge Sessions and Conferences are graced by the biggest names from the realty and corporate sector and offer the audience with the most precise information that will influence their investment decisions.


Real estate is the most booming sector driving the Indian economy. Indian real estate is not just growing but matching up the international standards. Naturally, the country has become a "global hot spot for foreign real estate developers". With the gradually accelerating economy, property buyers and investors have become price and quality conscious.

Organized by ABEC, Property Expo is a major networking and transactional real estate exhibition where real estate deals are successfully concluded and meaningful connections are made for future value creation. High profile people and celebrities from the glamor world light up the show further. Highly successful in generating considerable business, the show is awaited by well-known brands and upcoming companies alike as this is the right place to get noticed by buyers and investors.
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